We are located in Billings, Montana. Accent Apothecary specializes in small-batch apothecary products including hand-poured bar soaps, face oils, toners, shaving butters, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs and bath bombs. All products are organic, vegan and free of dyes. We sell individual items as well as curated gift packages.

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Accent Apothecary was created while searching to improve our personal self-care routines, further reduce waste, and simplify.  We have a passion for quality, consciously sourced ingredients and strive for sustainability.  All soaps are hand-poured, using a cold process soap method. The cold process method helps preserve the benefits of the natural oil ingredients.  All other products reflect our passion for replacing expensive, toxic or irritating self-care products with skin-friendly, natural, safe and simple alternatives.


“Accent” = pronunciation, intonation, prominence, rhythm, modulation.  Much like food for our bodies, skincare needs diversity for various stages, accents and seasons of life.  Making slight changes or rotations in our daily self-care routine can reduce dryness, break outs, peeling or irritation.  We believe this word embodies what we hope to convey to our customers – – unique, usable, diverse and simple.

“Apothecary” = an ancient Greek term for storehouse.  Our goal is to continue to expand our selection of hand-crafted, self-care products for all skin types.